More League of Legends Emotes On Sale Now

League of Legends Emotes Sale
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players can now equip themselves with some emotes that are truly, truly outrageous with three different champion-themed emotes going on sale for a limited time.

The emotes that are going on sale aren't the most tilting ones that players can pick, and they don't carry the meme power of ones like D'Pengu, but the three emotes for Amumu, Alistar, and Taric are still a steal at their reduced prices. You can find the names of each of the emotes shown above listed here with each one of the emotes having their prices slashed to half of the original cost, bringing the price down to just 225 RP each.

  • Amumu – Despair
  • Alistar – You Get The Horns
  • Taric – Outrageous

These emotes that are currently available in the store at a discount are part of a trio of emote sales that was announced back in the middle of February. At that time, Riot games previewed three different sets of emotes with nine items total that would be going on sale at later dates. For those that missed the first sale, emotes like Delightify (Lulu), Sad Kitten, and How Could You (Gnar) have already come and gone from the store.

But even if you didn't get to grab any of those first three emotes, the new sale will be going on for a while to give players plenty of time to cash in on the three champions' emotes. The sale is live now as of March 12 and will be available until March 25.

For those that don't have any need for the emotes that are on sale now and would rather save the RP for something that gets your point across a bit clearer, there's one last sale following this second one that'll discount three more emotes. Starting on March 26, Charmed (Ahri), Nice Try (Lux), and Justice Garen-teed (Garen) will all b e on sale for the same price of 225 RP. Each of those emotes can be seen through the initial announcement from Riot Games if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing each emote in-game.

The emotes are on sale now until March 25, so be sure to check them out in the store while they're still available.


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