'League of Legends' Essence Emporium Is Now Live

League of Legends’ Essence Emporium that lets players buy premium items with their hard-earned [...]

League of Legends Essence Emporium
(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends' Essence Emporium that lets players buy premium items with their hard-earned Blue Essence is now live again.

Following an announcement from just over a week ago that indicated the Essence Emporium would return this month, the store has now opened its doors to League of Legends players with some Blue Essence to spare. The store is live from now until December 3rd when it'll be retired until some time next year, the store's closing taking all its chromas, gemstones, emotes, and other items with it.

Not every skin, chroma, and other forms of loot is available in the Essence Emporium though, but Riot Games put together a helpful list of everything that's on sale. Everything that can be bought with Blue Essence is listed below in descending order of the amount of Blue Essence the items cost.

  • 1,500 BE - Mystery icon box (guaranteed to be an icon you don't already own)
  • 2,000 BE - Chromas
  • 2,500 BE - Mystery minis icon box, series 1 & 2 (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 2,500 BE - Mystery minis icon box, series 3 (NEW) (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 4,000 BE - Baron Hat Poro icon (NEW) (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 4,900 BE - Mystery ward skin box (guaranteed to be a ward skin you don't already own)
  • 6,000 BE – Essence Collector ward skin (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 50,000 BE - "Make it Rain" emote (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 50,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone Knight icon
  • 75,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone Prince icon
  • 75,000 BE - "Money Bags" emote (Emporium exclusive!)
  • 100,000 BE - Gemstone + Gemstone King icon
  • 150,000 BE - URFWick skin (Emporium exclusive!)

Riot Games' support article for the Essence Emporium also breaks down all the possible chromas, icons, and ward skins players can find within the store. While they'll still need the actual skins to purchase and make use of the chromas, the list of chromas that are on sale start all the way back at chromas from 2015 that changed the base looks of champions to chromas for Dark Waters Vladimir and Diana which were released this year.

Some of the items can also by gifted either to others or to yourself through mystery gifting, but there are limits on that feature.

"Mystery Minis, mystery icons, mystery ward skins, and other items sent as gifts share a limit of 10 purchases per day. That means any combination of those items up to ten will prevent you from buying any more of those items until 24 hours after your first purchase. For personal mystery purchases, the limit is 20!"

League of Legends' Essence Emporium is now live and is scheduled to end on December 3rd.