League of Legends Fighting Game First Look Revealed

Today, Riot Games revealed our first proper look at its upcoming League of Legends fighting game, which still doesn't have a title. As you may know, this project has been cooking up at Riot for a little bit now, however, the studio hasn't said or shown much of the game so far. However, today that started to change. Unfortunately, there's no formal announcement or official trailer, but there's snippets of gameplay and little breadcrumb details divulged by Riot Games, who also revealed that League of Legends is coming to consoles and mobile, a League of Legends anime is in the works, and that it's working on a new competitive first-person shooter dubbed Project A.

Again, Riot Games isn't ready to officially unveil or announce the game, but we did get our first look at the title. More specifically, we have some very raw, over-the-shoulders gameplay footage and some character reveals. You can check it out all for yourself below, courtesy of Panda Global:

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a release date or platforms beyond PC. In fact, we don't have have any salient details, but that's not enough to stop fans of League of Legends from being excited.


For those that don't know: the League of Legends fighting game -- dubbed "Project L" internally -- has long been rumored ever since Riot acquired Radiant Entertainment, a team who made a PC fighting game dubbed Rising Thunder, which despite having some legendary talent behind it, fell a bit short. As you may remember, the game took a more simplistic approach to the genre, offering more straight-forward controls and gameplay compared to most fighting games, which are defined by complex mechanics and punish new players. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this strategy will be rolled into Project L, but given how big League of Legends is, you'd assume Riot Games will go with a more accessible fighting game rather than a hardcore one.