Riot Games Addresses FPS Problems After Latest League of Legends Patch

League of Legends players have been reporting various FPS issues after the past two patches, [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends players have been reporting various FPS issues after the past two patches, issues that Riot Games recently addressed on the League boards.

If you're one of the many players who have noticed some FPS problems, you can rest easy knowing that the issue isn't exclusive to you. With so many players reporting that they're having problems, Riot Games said that they're looking into what the problem might be and are working on a solution.

"Playing a game that's super laggy is not fun and you should be losing games cuz you suck, not cuz we suck," Riot JxE said after apologizing for the problem and saying that Riot Games was exploring the issue to find a fix.

Unfortunately, finding the root of these problems is usually easier said than done, and this case is no different. Deciding whether it's a user's problem or an issue with the game itself from Riot Games' end isn't always easy, and Riot JxE said that they haven't been able to reproduce the circumstances causing the issue.

"These types of issues are really hard to track down because there are so many different variables with PC machines and we don't have a reproduction case in-game," Riot JxE explained. "Note, if anyone has one please send it my way! (videos you have or any patterns you see help a lot!) We're identifying things that aren't performing optimally and fixing those and we're hoping it'll catch the actual problem you're all seeing. Reality is that right now it's a guessing game."

When pressed about the coding problems within the comments by users who posted their computer specs and questioned why the game still has FPS issues, Riot JxE explained how League is "always a work in progress" with new changes constantly being pushed. Regardless, the Rioter accepted the criticism and added that they'd be examining the issues closely.

"We're not meeting expectations for what you expect from a competitive PC game and we're gonna do whatever we need to do to fix that," Riot JxE added. "Thanks for calling us out on it. It gives me more of a drive to get this fixed as soon as we can!"