League of Legends' Free Skins Are Going Away Tomorrow

League of Legends has several offers for free skins that players can obtain with little to no effort on their part, but those deals are going away tomorrow as Riot Games retires the deals.

The free cosmetics that are up for grabs are skins that have been obtainable for a while now by fulfilling different requirements that mostly consist of following League of Legends’ various social media accounts. After performing these simple enough tasks that differ for each of the three skins, you’d have Unchained Alistar, Dreadknight Garen, and Riot Girl Tristana automatically added to your account.

More recently, Riot Games made it even easier to get these skins by consolidating the social media requirements into just one action: Send Riot Games Support a ticket that says you want the skins, and they’ll be added to your accounts. This change was made because Riot Games announced that it’s going to be retiring the free skins offer on August 1 with an explanation shared in the support article to justify the end of the promotion. After explaining that the skins were offered for free back in the early days of League to give players incentives to spread the word about the game and interact with it, Riot Games said that the amount of free skins that players can now get from the game means that it’s time to retire the free skin promotion.

Before the deal ends though, Riot Games is giving one last chance to add the skins to your account, but you’ll have to do so before tomorrow on August 1.

“It feels bad to just take something away that we’ve been giving away for free since the era when dubstep was a thing, so we wanted to offer you guys one final chance to quickly and easily redeem these skins before we retire them for good,” the support article said.


To obtain these skins, Riot Games shared a step-by-step process on how to get them by submitting a ticket.

  1. Go to the homepage of the Support Site
  2. Click “Login” in the upper right hand corner
  3. Enter your account details (the same details you use to log into the client)
  4. Click on “Submit A Request” at the top of the page
  5. Select “Free Limited Time Promotional Skins: Tristana/Alistar/Garen” in the dropdown
  6. Check the boxes for the skins you want
  7. Click “Submit”
  8. You should soon (almost immediately) receive an email from Blitzcrank confirming the skins have been added to your account

Dreadknight Garen will still be available in the store for 975 RP after the promotion ends, but today’s the last day to get him for free before the deal ends.