'League of Legends' Wildly Popular K-Pop Song Is Now Available In 'Beat Saber'

Earlier this year, Riot Games released a music video for League of Legends featuring several [...]

Earlier this year, Riot Games released a music video for League of Legends featuring several well-known artists for a K-Pop video that instantly went viral. For those that loved the catchy tune, it's now available in the wildly popular VR game Beat Saber.

Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai'Sa's catchy track is now available but made even better because now there are lightsabers. I mean ... is this Heaven? Being a VR game, obviously a VR headset is required. It can be an HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality headset, or an Oculus Rift.

"The most thrilling projects we work on often begin with a simple thought: "Wouldn't it be cool if League players were able to…." That's how the collaboration between us and Beat Games, the indie studio behind Beat Saber, came about," said Riot Games in a recent blog post. "We'd been hacking and slashing our way through Beat Saber at the same time 'POP/STARS' launched and the fantasy was inescapable: if only it was possible to play this song in Beat Saber. No harm in asking, right?"

They added, "After we played the song for them during a video meeting, we could see grins break out on their faces. Beat Games clearly shared our passion for both music and games. The collaboration was a dream. They brought their S-game to the design of the beat map, adding some customisation to the level that should get K/DA fans hyped. One of our Riot engineers – a massive Beat Saber junkie – got to offer feedback on early builds."

It's the best of both worlds and though it's not a collaboration we expected to see, it's fun to think outside of the box now and then.

The latest update for the game not only brings the catchy track, but also a few tweaks to the practice mode as well:

  • Practice mode settings screen now plays audio preview when you change song start time.
  • Practice mode starts the level with a brief intro before a specified start time to avoid insta fail.

Thoughts on the blending of franchises? What other crossovers would you like to see make their way into Beat Saber? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!