Mini 'League of Legends' Patch Is Releasing Soon

Another update for League of Legends is scheduled to go out Monday barring any issues, but this patch will only bring balance issues with no new skins or features included.

Referred to as the “holiday patch,” Patch 8.24b is the update between the recent Patch 8.24 and the next update that’ll kick off Season 9. The mini-patch has been planned for a while now with Riot Games saying back in November that it’d be releasing an out-of-schedule patch like it did last year to provide one last set of changes before the holidays as it addresses any balance issues that might’ve cropped up during Patch 8.24.

Riot Games’ balance team product lead Richard “Riot MapleNectar” Henkel tweeted on Monday to remind League of Legends players that they can expect the next update to be released on the same day.

Since the update is releasing as a sizeable hotfix instead of a full-scale patch, Riot MapleNectar said, players won’t have to download anything themselves. He also added that the existing Patch 8.24 notes will be updated to include the new changes, so players can refer to those after the update goes live to see what all balance changes were released in the holiday update. The Rioter responded to another comment to say the notes should get their own page as well, so players will at least be able to find them through one of those resources.


Neeko is one champion in particular that players will likely be keeping an eye out for seeing how this is the first patch that’s been released since she became available. She’s proved to be a strong champion since her release, and while players might have some ideas for how she could be changed, the Rioter said there aren’t any current plans to nerf her ultimate. For now, he said, the champion’s Blooming Burst ability will get nerfed so that it has less waveclear power.

League of Legends’ holiday update is expected to releases some time on Monday.