Mobile League of Legends Gameplay Reportedly Leaks

Gameplay from what’s reportedly a new version of League of Legends surfaced recently to show [...]

Gameplay from what's reportedly a new version of League of Legends surfaced recently to show what the game supposedly looks like on mobile platforms. A video which appears to show a champion select sequence followed by the entrance into a match made the rounds on Tuesday as some of the best evidence yet of the game's mobile port, assuming it's real. This video's reveal follows more rumors at the end of August which also pointed towards a mobile League of Legends release.

No such game has been announced, of course, but rumors of the project have been talked about since May when speculation peaked in the form of a report that suggested the mobile port was indeed in development. The latest development in the series of rumors comes from the YouTube channel "BARRY CARRY - LoL Mobile Community Page" (via Dot Esports) which is aptly named for its focus on news around a suspected mobile League game. It opens with a player apparently navigating a menu that shows different rune options to choose from as they load into a game.

The more telling scenes come after that when it shows the champion select phase of the pre-match preparations. The chosen champion is Vayne with the Keystone rune and two Summoner Spells shown in the bottom-right corner. On the right-hand side of the screen, we see the champion's spells listed before the character has been locked in. A map in the lower-left corner shows a three-lane battleground where champions have been assigned to different spots already.

A scene immediately afterwards shows the champions loading in and then landing on a map that sure does look a whole lot like Summoner's Rift. We see different starting items recommended for the player to purchase – notably items which don't require an active input – along with what appears to be a new interface for the mobile platform.

If it's not the real deal, it's a very convincing fake. A screenshot would be easier to dismiss, but the fact that it shows pretty much an entire pre-match sequence complete with the interface and champions actually loading in and moving around gives hope to League fans who've been wanting a mobile port.

Riot Games hasn't officially announced anything about a mobile version of League despite reports that such a port is in development. The developer has said that it wouldn't rule out a mobile version of Teamfight Tactics, however. If this video is any indication of what a mobile version of League would look like, it'd be interesting to see the full rundown of how it'll differ from the main game players have come to know.