League Of Legends In-Game Music Program Returns With Playlist For Every Champion

Around 8 months ago, a League of Legends player created a program called LeagueMood that allowed [...]

(Photo: League of Legends)

Around 8 months ago, a League of Legends player created a program called LeagueMood that allowed users to listen to a playlist for around half of the champions in the game. The program's creator, Farza, worked with others to carefully select music that fit each of the champs' playstyles and designs, but there was still much to add in order to incorporate every champion. After working on the program since it was initially revealed, Farza has returned with a complete set of individualized playlists for every single champion in the updated program called Mood.gg.

"Mood.gg plays custom playlists for a champion according to a champion's theme, personality, and play style," Farza wrote as the creator described his program. "I always listen to music when playing League and thought it'd be cool to listen to music where it would truly make me "feel" like the champion I was playing."

When it comes to deciding which songs to pick, Farza wrote that the initial attempt, LeagueMood, allowed he and those who helped him create the playlists get an idea for what types of songs the community wanted for each champ. Players came up with suggestions for their main champions, and after receiving around 11,000 song requests, the team set out again to incorporate the rest of the omitted champions and refine the playlists.

From testing out LeagueMood the first go around when it was revealed several months ago and finding that many of the songs for each champ were fitting, testing out the revised program that included all of the champions yielded a similarly enjoyable experience. The program can be used via the website or can be downloaded for a desktop mode, the benefit of the downloadable version being that you can skip, play, and pause songs in-game through keyboard shortcuts.

After checking out a few of the champions' soundtracks in some quick ARAM games, the program seems to do exactly what it advertises. Serene music when playing Karma, Snoop Dogg for Ekko, and an F-Zero theme for Singed fit the champ as he raced around the Howling Abyss. Some of these songs are somewhat jokey picks, but for what it would take to create a playlist for every champion, it does it extremely well, especially considering that the program is free.

You can check out the League of Legends program here at the main website where you can also download the desktop version and contact Farza for more song suggestions.