'League of Legends' Will Be Featured in Netflix's '7 Days Out' Documentary

League of Legends’ hugely competitive esports scene will be featured in Netflix’s new [...]

League of Legends' hugely competitive esports scene will be featured in Netflix's new documentary series called 7 Days Out to show how the game's biggest events come together.

Divided into different competitive regions, League of Legends teams and players compete every season to earn a spot in the World Championship and try to become that year's champions. Events where these games are played consist of huge venues across the world that host the teams and their many fans, and Netflix's 7 Days Out is going to give an inside look at not only these tournaments, but other major events across spread out across different interests.

"A behind-the-scenes look at the most iconic cultural events in fashion, sports, food, gaming, and space," Netflix said about the trailer above. "7 Days Out gives you an exclusive look at what it takes to create and pull off the CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show, the Kentucky Derby, the Westminster Dog Show, the League Of Legends Championship, NASA's Cassini Mission and the opening of Eleven Madison Park. With everything at stake, what can happen in seven days? 7 Days Out arrives on Netflix December 21."

Judging from the scenes showed in the trailer above, it appears that the League of Legends appearance in the documentary will be focused around the North American League of Legends Championship Series that consists of teams throughout North America. The competitive league was mentioned specifically in the trailer with the NA LCS logo shown alongside the recognizable teams that make up that league including 100 Thieves, TSM, and Team Liquid, the latter being the team that went on to win the NA LCS Championship to guarantee a spot in the global competition.

The premise of the docuseries is to show what's happening within the organizations a week before the event takes place, so League of Legends players can expect to see some of the internal discussions and decisions that took place within Riot Games leading up to the competition. The first episode of the docuseries may extend outside of the NA LCS Championship and into the other competitions in different regions, but from what was seen in the trailer, viewers can expect the North American teams and event to have quite a presence.

League of Legends will be featured in Netflix's 7 Days Out docuseries when the first documentary releases on December 21st.