League of Legends Reveals New Logo

Riot Games is updating League of Legends’ logo for its 10th anniversary, the developer announced [...]

Riot Games is updating League of Legends' logo for its 10th anniversary, the developer announced on Tuesday. Both the logo consisting of the game's name fully spelled out will be updated along with the icon players see sitting on their desktop when they prepare to launch the game. This new logo is the first official reveal from Riot's plans for the 10-year anniversary celebration of the game that's coming up in October.

You can check out the new logo for the game that's found below now that it's been revealed to everyone through a post on League's site. Featuring a similar color that players will recognize from the current logo, the new one still features gold letters to spell out the game's name. Some notable changes include the fact that the words have been brought in line with each other in the new logo to form a perfect rectangle while the emblem-like graphic behind the old logo has been removed.

League of Legends New Logo
(Photo: Riot Games)

"We think this is the perfect time to set the stage for the next ten years by modernizing the official League of Legends logo," Riot said about its updated logo. "Check out the new look above!"

Players have since been offering their opinions on the logo now that it's been revealed just as they did when Riot Games showed off its new company logo revealed earlier in the year. Communications lead Ryan "Riot Cactopus" Rigney shared a thread on Twitter showing off some better looks at the new League logo while saying that players will come around to the change given some time to get used to it.

The thread consisted of the new logo, icon, and the logo on some key art among other images. You can check out the full thread here to see more examples of the updated logo being used in different ways.

Riot's announcement of the new logo was part of a bigger tease for its 10-year anniversary events that'll commence on October 15th. Livestreams, a special edition of the Riot Pls video series, and more pertaining to the past and future of League will be shared around that time.