'League of Legends' Is Working on a New Support Champion

One of League of Legends’ newest champions that’s being worked on is a “whimsical” support [...]

One of League of Legends' newest champions that's being worked on is a "whimsical" support who's classified as an Enchanter, Riot Games said.

Following a teaser released earlier in the week that hinted at the next champion that's in development, Riot Games confirmed that a new support champ is in the works and gave some insight into what that character will be like. In the video above that updated players on Riot Games' current plans for champions in Season 9, lead producer of the champions team Ryan "Riot Reav3" Mireles confirmed the role of the new champion and said it'll be quite unlike the last support.

"We have been hard at work on a whimsical new support champion," Riot Reav3 said in the video. "It's been a long time since we've released a more traditional Enchanter support, the last release being Nami."

Nami was released back in 2012, so it has indeed been a long time since a true Enchanter champion was released, that subclass being part of the larger Controller class which consists of champions who augment other characters' effects. Other Enchanters include champions like Lulu and Janna.

Seeing how it's been so long since an Enchanter champion was released, Riot Reav3 compared the new champion to the newest support, Pyke, and said the former would be quite different from the ghostly Bilgewater spirit who specializes in dealing damage and securing kills for himself and his teammates.

"Given this we though that it would be a perfect opportunity to make a new Enchanter, one whose personality and theme will be a complete 180 from our last support, Pyke," Riot Reav3 continued.

The Rioter concluded the talks about the new champion by reiterating that it will be a support character but added that players should still expect some surprises.

While the new champion will be a more traditional support, it won't be completely by the book, so as always, expect some new mechanics to get attached to as well."

"Attached to" was emphasized in the video, so if past Champion Roadmaps are any indication of what to expect, that wording will play an important part in the champion's kit. Who or what the Enchanter champion will be attaching to remains to be seen, but Riot Games should reveal more on the new character leading up to its full unveiling.