League of Legends Is Making Big Improvements to Parties

League Team Graves
(Photo: Riot Games)

Several changes are coming to the party system in League of Legends that should make it easier to pair up with your go-to premades.

The improvements to the game’s party system have slowly been ramping up with smaller tweaks being made over time. Migrating your lobbies to different game modes and inviting people to matches from the end of the game are some examples of the changes that have been made, but more key changes were recently detailed in a dev update that’ll give League parties more improvements to look forward to.

The first set of changes deals with the end-of-game screen where players will soon be able to add teammates to their parties right as the game ends. Players have to add others as friends before inviting them to a party in the current system, but these changes will let you group up with a teammate for a while without having to add them to your friends list. You’ll also be able to see which of your party members are ready with a new notice above the “Play Again” button that’ll list the teammates who have already readied up.

Like parties on consoles and through other platforms, an “open party” option is also being added that’ll allow those in your friends list to quickly hop into your party without having to be invited or accepting a friend request. You can toggle the option on or off, so you won’t have to worry about those friends hopping into your lobby unannounced, but it should make it much easier to group up with your friends if you’re ready for a few premade games. Players will also find that the party system will be more accommodating to players with large differences between their account levels. Instead of restricting a player from joining a party when players’ ranks are too far apart, players will be able to start a party with anyone and then make decisions on which game modes they want to play.


Of course, one of the biggest changes out of the party improvements is the new voice chat feature, League voice. The feature will be restricted to parties only, but it’ll still remove the need for parties to utilize outside sources for their voice chat needs.

The new features explained in the dev post should be rolling out throughout the first half of next year.