Next League of Legends Patch Will Change Teleport Again

The next League of Legends patch that’s releasing soon will take another look at the Teleport [...]

The next League of Legends patch that's releasing soon will take another look at the Teleport Summoner Spell in an effort to buff top laners who use it. Riot Games offered a preview of the next patch that showed what the plan was for Teleport, a plan which involves increasing the cooldown of the spell during the early game while decreasing it as the match goes on. A new effect added to the spell will give Teleporting champions a speed bonus after they use it, a change which could lead to some more exciting Teleport plays as the games go on.

Mark "Riot Scruffy" Yetter, the lead gameplay designer on League of Legends, shared an image this week which gave an overview of Riot's plans for Patch 10.6. The Rioter said pretty much all of the adjustments shown in the changelist were finalized, though some were subject to change before the patch releases.

At the top of that list is the plans for the Teleport changes. The changes would increase the cooldown of Teleport from 360 seconds to 480 seconds, a change which adds a full two minutes to the cooldown at the start of the game. But as the champions level up, they'll find the cooldown dropped each time until it's eventually down to just 240 seconds at max level, a significant difference compared to the flat 360-second cooldown.

The second change makes it so that the champions who use it get three seconds of a movement speed boost that scales based on level. This effect doesn't have a level requirement, so any champion who Teleports at any level will get the buff. Whether it's for saving turrets, collapsing on a team, or rushing to the aid of your bottom lane, the speed buff combined with the lower late-game cooldown should create some interesting scenarios.

Though it's targeted as a buff for the top lane, other champions may find use in these changes as well. Teleport has become a popular pick for some middle-lane champions who excel at clearing waves or assisting their teammates, and some of the safer bottom lane champions still tend to take Teleport occasionally to get back into position and pressure lanes.

This Teleport change should go into effect in Patch 10.6, though liked other changes, it could be adjusted again before going live.