League of Legends Patch Preview Shows Buffs and Nerfs in Next Update

A preview of the next League of Legends patch was shared this week to prep players for who’s getting buffed and who’s getting nerfed in the next update. Winners in the patch preview include 15 different champions like Akali, Neeko, and Rakan while some of the champions getting nerfed that shouldn’t be too surprising of you’ve been keeping up with professional play include Volibear, Sett, and Nautilus. The plans are still subject to change just like they usually are ahead of the patch releases, but the preview shows a decent idea of what to expect.

Lead gameplay designer Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter shared the patch preview below to show who’s benefitting the most from the 10.16 update and who might fall out of favor for other champions. While more champions are getting buffed than they are getting nerfed, the nerfs are more targeted at champions who see a lot of play in the professional scene. That much should be obvious enough by a quick glance at the list since it shows the picks mentioned above as well as others like Ashe, Syndra, and Bard getting nerfed.

The full patch preview can be seen below:

Some champions like Sett have nerfs geared towards their late-game potential while others like Volibear have had some of their movies nerfed throughout to weaken their overall power regardless of what stage of the game they’re in. Both Bard and Nautilus, for example, each of them popular picks in competitive play due to their versatility through roaming and locking down enemies, have had their respective heals and shields nerfed to lessen their impact.


As for the buffs, some of the more interesting changes come for champions who aren’t played quite as often but still have their dedicated communities that main them. Tristana’s gaining a new effect on her Explosive Charge ability that increases the move’s damage based on how much critical chance she’s built up, so expect those towers to go down a bit quicker when she’s placing charges. Evelynn’s also being buffed to improve her chances of surviving in a lane since her Hate Spike cooldown has now been lowered to just four seconds regardless of what it hits instead of requiring players to hit a monster to half the cooldown.

The next League of Legends patch should be out on Wednesday, so look for the full patch notes before then to see what else is changing.

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