'League of Legends' Players Only Have a Few More Days of ARURF

League of Legend's All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode will only be playable for a few more short [...]

(Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legend's All Random Ultra Rapid Fire mode will only be playable for a few more short days before it disappears to into the rotating game queue after an extended duration on Summoner's Rift.

For ARURF lovers everywhere, it definitely might feel like the game mode has been available for just a short time given how long it's been away from the rotating queue. The game mode opened up to player again back on Aug. 11 after it was confirmed in the League of Legends Patch 7.16 notes, and unlike the normal weekend period that rotating game modes exist on, this ARURF rotation persisted throughout the weekdays as well to span two weeks of low-cooldown fun.

Prior to beginning back in early August, ARURF hadn't been seen in the rotating game mode queue since April with it ran for two weekends during the month, and before that, it was playable during the last weekend of February and the first of March. The gap between those dates and the current ARURF somewhat have to do with time required to test the and other game modes on the new client, but for some players who wanted more URF, that answer wasn't quite enough.

But even still, now that ARURF is back with its increased stats and 80 percent cooldown reduction, it's again brought up the question of where the normal URF is. Plenty of League players are pretty happy to have URF back in any form, randomized champions or not, but URF still seems to reign surpreme as the game mode that players want back the most.

The key difference between the two game modes is that "AR" part at the beginning, the feature that randomizes your champions in an ARAM-like format instead of allowing you to select one at the beginning. By giving players a random champ with a reroll function, it avoids the problem of the same champions being picked over and over again in URF where only the most dominant picks are used.

League of Legends' ARURF is scheduled to end on Aug. 24, so make sure you get in your rapid-fire mayhem while you still can.