This Artist Turned 13 League of Legends Champions Into Epic Pokemon

Everybody loves a good crossover. Gamers and their love for their favourite franchises continue to find new ways to express their fandom pride and a popular way to do just that is by creating their own unique spin. In this case, one talented Redditor decided to re-imagine some of their favourite champions into the adorable pocket monsters we all know and love from the iconic Pokemon series.

pokemon 1
(Photo: Bilsu)

The above image is Kayn, under 'New Champions' and is only one of several entries this artist has shared. For those extra critique-y fans, the artist did mention that these were all a work in progress stating, "I’m basically making an update post for my PokeChamps/Runeterra MegaDex Project where I try to interpret LoL Champions as Pokemon. The feedback I’ve received from my previous posts has been really motivational, so I’m just updating for people who have not seen this project or who have not seen the latest 13 Champions I’ve done since my last post! Everything is technically still WIP, and NOTHING is final until I make a finalized post in the distance future."

(Photo: Bilsu)

The artist has thirteen in total so far, but they've mentioned that more are on the way but are not currently available to share. Here are a few more of our favourite mashups of theirs, including a Shiny:

pokemon (2)

Interested in seeing his full collection, including new champions and starters? You can check them out below by clicking on the name of the ones that interest you the most:





Also the artist has notated that they are completely open to feedback and suggestions, so if you have a particular champion you'd like to see Poke-fied, you can let them know your thoughts and wants over here on the original Reddit thread! If you dig their stuff, be sure to let them know!

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