League of Legends: Rek'Sai Changes For Patch 7.11

Rek'Sai has been a League of Legends champion that is a lot of fun to play but usually doesn't [...]

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Rek'Sai has been a League of Legends champion that is a lot of fun to play but usually doesn't reap the rewards because of her kit. Initially, Rek'Sai was made to be a diver. Just get in there and cause a ruckus. The problem is, once you get in there you kind of dance around a bit before you're able to do anything again.

According to Riot Sotere, "The aim of the update is to bring Rek'Sai back to her roots. Rek'Sai has a great fantasy, but we don't think her gameplay has been fulfilling that promise to players for some time. Rek'Sai should be a void predator that enemies fear at all points throughout the game. When she's nearby, she should be a distinct and individual threat."

As per Riot Sotere, the goals for Rek'Sai are as follows:

  • Make Rek'Sai more of a Diver, with individual threat against the opposition's carries
  • Tone down elements of her kit that let her excel in professional play and leave her underwhelming in normal play
  • Give her higher moments of success
  • Ensure that her melee pattern has more distinct success and failure cases
  • Allow Rek'Sai to dance in and out of fights, relying on her tunnels and regeneration to survive, not baseline tankiness

That being said, here are the main changes outlined by Riot Sotere:

  • Fury of the Xer'Sai (P): Fury now generates more quickly, but regeneration per point of Fury is down. Overall regeneration should be quite a bit higher if she has access to enemies.
  • Queen's Wrath and Prey Seeker: Rek'Sai's primary damage abilities now scale significantly better with bonus AD. However, Queen's Wrath will do less base damage. Rek'Sai is a land shark who mercilessly hunts her prey, and we want her damage output - and itemization - to represent that fantasy.
  • Burrow/Un-burrow: Now only knocks up one enemy target at a time.
  • Tunnel: Cooldowns scale down better over game time. Specifically, we want to significantly increase Rek'Sai's ability to re-enter tunnels, giving Rek'Sai better options for escaping the same way she entered - or re-joining a fight after she's left.
  • Void Rush: Her ultimate is all brand new. It no longer allows her to travel cross-map to an existing tunnel. Instead she leaps at enemy champions she's recently done damage to, dealing decent base damage with an execute mechanic.

Rek'Sai will first hit the PBE before going live.

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