League of Legends Reverts Caitlyn Nerfs and Changes Her Traps

(Photo: Riot Games)

Riot Games is taking a step back on several nerfs that hit Caitlyn pretty hard while also adjusting the power of her oppressive Yordle Snap Trap ability.

The changes for Caitlyn are now live on the PBE for testing with the start of the new PBE cycle, though not all of them were easily noticeable. Riot Repertoir addressed the multitude of changes for Caitlyn in a tweet that clarified exactly what was changing for the ADC, all of the tentative changes listed below in the Rioter's breakdown.

League of Legends Caitlyn PBE
(Photo: Riot Repertoir)

Caitlyn takes a pretty hard hit to her base health with the changes, losing almost 80 after the nerf. She'll gain a bit more HP per level than she does right now, and Repertoire stated that those changes and others were added in hopes of reinforcing her need to stay at a distance if she hopes to avoid getting blown up.

"Goal for Caitlyn is to return a lot of her offensive power, make her fragile in the early game, and carve out the mid game a bit," Repertoire wrote in a reply to his initial tweet.

After receiving nerf after nerf due to her dominance in the bot lane, Caitlyn's also having four different changes reverted to their previous state. With more attack speed both at the base amount and per level as well as more secondary damage on her Piltover Peacemaker, the changes for Caitlyn should help her feel much more like her old self.

Aside from the reverts, she's also got some buffs coming her way as well. Her Headshot passive will take a few more attacks to trigger, but the ADC can now use it on turrets to deal a bit of extra damage and continues stacking it.

The traps that Caitlyn are what many players pointed towards as the main culprits all along, and with other nerfs being reverted, changes are now coming to Yordle Snap Trap as well. She can recharge them a bit quicker and now has scaling AD ratios on the damage as well as higher base damage, but the vision duration took quite a hit from 8 seconds down to just 3 seconds. They'll also stay on the ground for far less time, the live duration being a minute and a half with the PBE version starting at just 30 seconds and scaling its way up.

Caitlyn's changes are tentative for the moment and may very well change while they're currently live on the PBE.




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