League of Legends Will No Longer Have a Rotating Game Mode Every Patch

The way that League of Legends introduces new and returning game modes is changing with these [...]

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The way that League of Legends introduces new and returning game modes is changing with these occasional game modes no longer running during every patch.

While every patch currently brings about a different RGM that remains playable for a few days during each week before it's swapped out for another mode, a change that comes every two weeks. Leaving that system behind, the new rotation will soon be replaced with what a League boards post from Riot Games calls a "more sporadic schedule."

Riot explained the reasoning behind this transition into infrequent RGMs by saying that players appear to spend more time playing game modes that are fresh and innovative such as Star Guardian: Invasion. Based on that finding, Riot Aeon says that the RGM team hopes to keep that trend going with more new experiences.

"We went into last year with a renewed focus on supporting events by creating new modes to make each event special," Riot Aeon said. "We saw a lot of positive reactions to modes like Star Guardian: Invasion and The Hunt of the Blood Moon, and more of you showed up to play when we succeeded at making something new and distinct. We want to build on these successes in 2018."

To do that, Riot has two goals for 2018: delivering enjoyable, new game modes and experimenting with existing ones. That's something that's not a brand new goal from previous years, but it does mean that the allocation of time invested in the game modes has to change.

"Not too different than where we were last year, but the big change is how often we'll be running RGMs," Riot Aeon continued. "We're moving away from every patch to a more sporadic schedule."

Using Invasion as an example of how much time these game modes can take up, the Rioter explained that Invasion took more than four months to create. But with RGMs no longer coming every patch, the team plans to put more focus towards developing new game modes.

Older game modes aren't being scrapped though, they just won't be appearing quite as often. Hunt of the Blood Moon is scheduled to be playable in Patch 8.3 and One for All will return at a later date when Patch 8.6 releases.