League of Legends Is Testing Sightstone Changes to Make it "Less of a Burden"

(Photo: Riot Games)

Some “experimental” Sightstone changes are being toyed around with that are expected to make the item feel less restrictive to supports.

Sightstone might not be an essential support item depending on who you ask – looking at you, Zyra and Lux support – but your teammates would likely share a different view after being ganked for the umpteenth time. While it’s everyone’s job to drop wards around their lane to provide vision, a Sightstone is an invaluable, refillable resource.

In a recent Gameplay Thoughts post, Riot Meddler discussed intentions to tweak the item in a way that’ll be beneficial to supports.

“We've got some somewhat experimental Sightstone adjustments that should be coming to PBE in early January,” Meddler said. “Goal there will be to make it less of a burden on supports in terms of how much it limits their ability to build/choose other items. More details and rationale to follow next month.”


How it’ll be made “less of a burden” for supports to carry remains to be seen, but whatever changes Riot has planned for the item should be something for support mains to look forward to. The support item was improved earlier in the year when it received new build paths tied into the support items like Ancient Coin, but with how important it is, it’s still an all but guaranteed item slot taken up in your build. Couple that item with boots, a fully-upgraded starting item depending on whether you incorporated the Sightstone into the upgrade path or not, and other support essentials like Redemption and Locket of the Iron Solari and you’ve got quite a few support item slots already taken up with just a few options remaining for situational items.

Supports recently took a blow to some of their itemization trends with a nerf for the Forbidden Idol item along with the completed items that it builds into. The nerf was meant to target the healing and shielding power of items, so with those vital support traits nerfed, the Sightstone changes will hopefully help make that nerf a bit more digestible.