League of Legends is Still Exploring Janna Changes for Future Patch

(Photo: Riot Games)

The skill-based changes for one of League of Legends' most passive champions have been discussed several times recently, and it looks like Janna's abilities are still in line to be tweaked in upcoming patches.

A master of peeling for her teammates and specifically for her ADC, Janna excels at thwarting the other team's engages with her tornadoes, slows, and buffs to her team's movement speed. But while the support excels at her job – especially in the current meta – her playstyle doesn't allow for a lot of chance for players to shine with big plays or risks. By the time that Patch 7.19 rolls around though, that could very well change.

Riot Meddler wrote about the potential changes to Janna and confirmed that they're still working on them and hope to have them included in the patch after next.

"We're taking another look at possible Janna changes, with much of the focus there still being on adding a bit more skill expression for Janna and counterplay opportunities for her opponents," Meddler said about the champion's possible changes.

Janna recently had changes being tested on the PBE that lowered her spellss cooldowns by landing abilities, something that would encourage Janna players to step out and briefly go on the offensive as opposed to sticking directly beside their teammate. More of Janna's potential direction was also detailed by Meddler, changes that include faster tornadoes and more auto attack potential.

"Things currently being tested include Q uncharged being weaker/charged being stronger (faster for one thing), E having a longer CD until max rank (windows of vulnerability in lane), longer AA range (incentive a bit more risk taking and active play on Janna's part)," Meddler continued. "Work's still going through quite a bit of iteration, so nothing final yet, hoping to have something in for 7.19 though."

Janna took some hits to her laning power with the nerfs that went through for Ardent Censor and the Ancient Coin item line, but it hasn't been enough to upset Janna's dominance in the bot lane. The only true nerf that was discussed seems to be the longer cooldown on her Eye of the Storm shield.


It'll still be a while before we see any changes pushed to Janna though, so expect to have plenty of tornadoes coming your way in the bot lane for now.