League of Legends Survey Gauges Interest for Exciting Game Ideas

Some League of Legends players have been receiving a new survey from Riot Games to gauge interest [...]

Some League of Legends players have been receiving a new survey from Riot Games to gauge interest in some different game concepts that sound like they'd be exciting new avenues for the studio to pursue. The survey pitched ideas like a multiplayer strategy game similar to Civilization V and even a "social deduction game" that'd be similar to something like Among Us. To frame the questions, the questions said what games the proposed games would be for with the platforms ranging from PCs to consoles to mobile devices.

Before seeing what the game suggestions are, it's important to keep in mind that Riot often sends out surveys to League of Legends players with all kinds of ideas contained in them. Just because something shows up in a survey, it doesn't at all mean that the thing is actually happening or is anything beyond an idea. But the descriptions of the theoretical games shared in the surveys are descriptive enough to show that some thought went into each of the ideas, so there's still reason to be excited by the possibilities in the future for the League of Legends IP.

With that said, let's look at some of the ideas pitched in the survey. Twitter user Celeress shared some images from the survey to show what kinds of games were pitched, the first one featured being the game that was said to be akin to Civilization V.

Each of the four game descriptions and the platforms they were suggested for can be found below:

  • "A multiplayer 4x grand strategy game featuring League of Legends locations and factions. You have the ability to construct fortification, manage an economy, and direct armies. Gameplay is similar to Civilization V or Stellaris." (PC/Mac and consoles)
  • "A multiplayer social deduction game featuring League of Legends characters and locations. You have the ability to work as a team to solve mysteries, deceive other players, and explore unique locations. Gameplay is similar to Town of Salem or Among Us." (Mobile devices)
  • "A story-driven, single player 3rd person turn-based RPG featuring League of Legends characters. You have the ability to control a party, explore beautiful regions and dungeons, and save a city from destruction. Gameplay is similar to Octopath Traveler or Battle Chasers: Nightwar." (Mobile devices)
  • "A story-driven, single player 2D action platformer featuring League of Legends characters. You will have the ability to manipulate time, create unique combat strategies, and explore the map by parkouring. Gameplay is similar to Hollow Knight or Cuphead. (Mobile devices)

Those who've been paying attention to Riot's games beyond League of Legends will know that the studio already has its hands full with different projects even without these theoretical games. It's got Legends of Runeterra and Valorant out now with plans for more games in the future like a fighting game and another called Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The description of a game above that mentions platformers and manipulating time also sounds a lot like CONV/RGENCE: A League of Legends Story which is a new Riot Forge game that's already in the works at Riot Games.

Regardless of how many games get suggested, League of Legends players still definitely haven't forgotten about the possibilities of an MMO teased last year. Nothing on that has been shared since then to indicate anything's happening, but with everything Riot Games has in the works, hardly anything seems out of the question.