'League of Legends' Players Have Chosen Tristana's Next Skin

League of Legends players have voted and decided what Tristana’s next skin will be. With three [...]

League of Legends players have voted and decided what Tristana's next skin will be. With three choices to pick from after Riot Games announced League players would be responsible for choosing the Yordle's next cosmetic, Little Demon Tristana was declared the winner with the skin amassing 43 percent of the votes. As Riot Games continues working on the skin, players can expect to see updates every few weeks just as they did when Riot Games was creating Resistance Illaoi, the first player-voted skin.

Riot Games unveiled the winner of its Tristana skin vote after giving players just under a week to cast their vote for either Sugar Rush Tristana, Galactic Gunner Tristana, and Little Demon Tristana. Revealing the breakdown of the tallied votes, Riot Games' Janelle "Riot Stellari" Jimenez, the product lead for the new skin, said in the skin's recent update that Sugar Rush and Galactic Gunner had 30 and 27 percent, respectively. That means Little Demon won by a considerable margin, and a graph showing the breakdown of votes from those who play Tristana most proved it was the champion's most frequent players' favorite skin, too. From people who played fewer than 10 games with Tristana to those who have played over 100, Little Demon was the winner every time.

Now that the skin's in production, Riot Stellari said the team is looking to make the skin "adorable and demonic" without being edgy. Little Demon Tristana – or whatever the final skin ends up being called since that's just a code name for now – is also supposed to be the right-hand Yordle of Little Devil Teemo. The skin's also supposed to be "fiery and mischievous" though players might've already picked up on that from the concept art.

The video at the top shows some of the early ideas Riot Games is exploring for the skin, but expect to see more updates like this one until the skin releases in Patch 9.11.

"We'll be back on Nexus every two weeks with updates on our progress, which will continue until the skin is scheduled to launch in patch 9.11," Riot Stellari said. "In our next update, Riot Sirhaian will go deeper into what we think about for skins VFX, and we'll also take a look into the splash creation process. Thanks again to everyone who voted! We're really excited to work on this together with you."


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