League of Legends Reveals New Valentine's Day Merch

New League of Legends merch has been revealed ahead of Valentine’s Day with a special edition [...]

League of Legends Valentines Merch
(Photo: Riot Games Merch)

New League of Legends merch has been revealed ahead of Valentine's Day with a special edition Tibbers plush, keychains, and more on sale.

The announcement for the Valentine's Day merch comes just after the Riot Games Merch account on Facebook changed its profile image to a picture of a distraught Amumu and the cover photo became the image shown above, a room created for Annie and Tibbers that showed two plush bears in the center. The pink Valentine's Day-themed version of Tibbers is the main attraction on sale during the merch event that's going on now, but other items are also available for those who want to show their flair for another champion like Sejuani, Rakan, or Xayah, all of which are champions that come in the form of assorted keychains.

If you want to distribute your Valentine's Day gifts to others, Riot Games Merch has the perfect option as well by way of a League of Legends Valentine's Day card set. Each card features the same six champions that are on five different keychains – Xayah & Rakan, Sejuani, Annie, Amumu, and Tristana – and come in packs of 10 with each design appearing twice. The insides of the cards are blank as well, so buyers are free to write whatever message they wish, one that the merch listing says can be "sweet (or salty)."

As far as the prices go, buying the pink Tibbers plush will cost the most, but it's still not too bad at $30 for a special edition collectible, especially if you consider yourself an Annie main. Below are all of the prices listed for each of the new Valentine's Day items along with their prices and a link to each listing:

The Valentine's Day merch is currently available in the Riot Games Merch store at this time with no indication of how long it'll be available or if it'll be removed in the future. The Merch account also confirmed on Facebook that more merchandise would be coming later this week as part of the Lunar Revel event.