League of Legends Brings Back Your Shop Sale for Limited Time

League of Legends sales come and go on a weekly basis for players to pick through, but one of the best offers players can look forward to every now and then is the “Your Shop” event. That sale offers personalized discounts for people based on what champions they play the most, and with the release of the game’s latest update, it’s back in the League of Legends client now. It’ll stick around for the next couple of weeks as well, so players have plenty of time to think on which skins they want from their specific shops before the deals are gone.

To find Your Shop, all you have to do is head into the League of Legends client and look in the upper-right corner near where you’d navigate to the client’s store and other menus. You should see a glowing icon that’ll present you with six covered tiles once selected. Simply click one of the tiles to reveal what lies underneath it, and more importantly, how much RP you’ll be able to save compared to the cosmetic’s normal price.

If you’re new to Your Shop but have bene playing League of Legends for a while, you should be happy to find that the skins discounted in your personalized selection should hopefully be representative of the champions you play most often. That doesn’t mean you’ll get six Blitzcrank skins if you’re a Blitzcrank one-trick, but you should at least see some skins for champions that you consider some of your top picks. If you haven’t been playing for at least six months, however, Riot Games’ FAQ on the Your Shop feature says that the skins “Discountbot” picks for you might be a bit more random than you’d like.

How much those skins will be discounted will vary with each tile that you uncover. You could find a small discount applied to an already cheap skin or a much greater one applied to a skin that costs more than you’d typically pay.

Whatever you find in Your Shop, you don’t have to act on it right away. This latest iteration of the feature will stick around in the client until March 29th, so you’ve got most of the month to think about what skins to adorn your champions with.