Burnout: Paradise Remaster Release Date Reportedly Leaked

Now that it's official and not just a rumor, fans have been waiting for a release date for the [...]

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

Now that it's official and not just a rumor, fans have been waiting for a release date for the re-master of Burnout: Paradise, which is expected to release some time this year. Now, an early UK retail listing may have given fans their first hint at when to expect the game. The listing, which is still live, has the game's release date pinned for March 30th, 2018, just a little while after its March 16th release to the Japanese market. You can check the listing out here, or scroll down for more information.


As our own Matt Hayes noted, the retail price looks to be about $39.99, depending on which market you're looking at. It's worth noting that while this is a UK-based site, most European and North American releases happen simultaneously. The game is headed for consoles, specifically Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Nintendo Switch users will have to hang back and hope for a future port for now.

The original Burnout: Paradise first hit shelves in 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since then. the originals have bridged to PC and seen re-releases, but a full re-master is most certainly on the horizon. Set in Paradise City, which is described as the "largest and most dangerous" setting in all of the franchise, boasting an "open-ended" world for players to explore and race around. If the game does well on console, it could easily open up the door for the rest of the Burnout franchise to hit it big on next-generation game systems, or, hopefully, spawn another all-new game.

Burnout: Paradise is available with tons of extras as a bundle on Steam right now in what's called The Ultimate Box, but holding out for the fully re-mastered version on console might be worth it from die-hards who have a little patience.