Legends of Runeterra Sets Date for Full Launch and a Big Update

The wait for Riot Games' digital card came set in the League of Legends universe is almost over now that Legends of Runeterra is set to release on the PC and mobile platforms on April 30th. Riot announced the release date for the card game that players first experienced during an open beta but will soon be able to play in full at the end of the month. An announcement trailer for the release date was shared alongside with details on a big update that'll add a new set of over 120 cards and another region with more information about those additions to be revealed as the release date approaches.

Riot's trailer above announced the full launch planned for April 30th that'll see the game fully available on both the PC and mobile platforms. The launch will combine the new cards and regions with the ones players have already familiarized themselves with during the beta season, so those who've invested time into the game will be able to come into the full release with their winning strategies while incorporating the new additions into their decks. There won't be a content wipe upon the full game's release either, so everything you've purchased or acquired otherwise in Legends of Runeterra will carry over to the full release.

Those who've been playing Legends of Runeterra during its ongoing beta have been on the PC platform, but the full launch will include the mobile version as well. Cross-play between the platforms is supported seeing how there aren't any barriers between control schemes that'd offer competitive advantages to one side or another. Using the cross-play feature requires a Riot account, but if you're coming to this game from playing League of Legends, you've already got that part taken care of.

As for the new set of cards and the region that'll be available in the game's full launch, it hasn't been revealed what those cards will be nor has it been said what region players will see in the full game. Riot said the new set of cards will be revealed throughout the weeks leading up to the game's release date with the final card and champion reveals happening on April 27th. PC players will be able to try out these new additions first on April 28th with mobile players able to use them on April 30th.