'LEGO DC Villains' Reveal Date Teased

TT Games is gearing up for the reveal of LEGO DC Villains. In case you missed it, we ran a report [...]

TT Games is gearing up for the reveal of LEGO DC Villains. In case you missed it, we ran a report in January by Liam Robertson stating that LEGO DC Villains and LEGO The Incredibles games were on the way. The latter has since been confirmed, but this is the first we've seen of the former. Check out the telling tease from TT Games this morning:

Chaos is coming! There's little doubt in our minds that this could be teasing anything other than a DC villains game. The purple and neon green are so grossly associated with Joker, and even the teaser site is covered in his graffiti.

On the teaser site (here), we have a few exciting clues. The most obvious is a countdown to the official reveal, which is slated for next Wednesday around 6AM Central. You'll also find a few symbols scattered across the defaced wall that may indicate which villains we can expect to see. There chattering teeth and the words "ha ha ha," which obviously point to Joker. Where there's Joker, there's Harley Quinn. We see a few question marks, which means The Riddler will likely show up, and we also have what looks like a bulls-eye, which could indicate Deadshot.

In fact, the color scheme on the teaser page is giving us a very Suicide Squad vibe, so don't be surprised if the whole gang (and more) show up.

The Italian LEGO Batman Facebook page has a few more images for us to consider, and at this point, we're not sure why they don't straight up name the game and call it what it is:

(Photo: TT Games)

Here's what Liam had to say in his original report from January:

"Given that the much anticipated release of the Incredibles 2 movie is now only 6 months away, an announcement of a video game tie-in could potentially arrive in the coming months. When Disney and Pixar begin to ramp up promotion on the movie, we will no doubt be able to fully ascertain the validity of these rumours from whether or not such a game is announced. As for LEGO DC Villains, we were told by two sources that the title is currently expected at some point over the next year. Given that TT Games typically delivers two LEGO video games each year, a 2018 launch might not be beyond the realm of possibility."

(Photo: TT Games)

We don't have long to wait. We'll update you guys next week as soon as the release drops, so stay tuned!