Lies of P Has Gone Gold

Developer Neowiz has announced that Lies of P has gone gold ahead of September 19 release.

Lies of P is set to launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on September 19. Not only that, but the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one, making it an important fall release for Microsoft fans. Today, developer Neowiz announced that the game has officially gone gold, ensuring that it's ready for launch. This is an important step for any game, and it's good to see Lies of P hit the mark after it was delayed by about a month back in June. Not that there were any signs of struggles late in the process, but this ensures that players won't get any more surprises before September.

When it launches, Lies of P will put players in the shoes of Pinocchio, but this is far from the Disney classic many might be thinking about. Instead, this version is a dark, soulslike tale that sees you fighting through the streets of a plagued city called Krat. Visually, it'll remind many of games like Bloodborne with its gothic architecture and creepy atmosphere. In describing the game, Neowiz often refers to the need to make several choices throughout the game, which could lead to even more replay value than games in this genre usually have, though we'll have to wait until Lies of P releases to know for sure.

Regardless, players have come away impressed by the various demos that have been released over the last few months. Obviously, those are just the first few hours of Lies of P, but it definitely seems poised to be a hit among soulslike fans. If nothing else, the grim interpretation of the classic Pinocchio tale is going to be a visual feast for fans. 

Lies of P is out on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms on September 19. If you decide to pre-order the Deluxe Edition, you'll get 72 hours of early access, meaning you can pick it up on September 16. You'll also get the Mischievous Puppet outfit, which might even be more worth it than the early access. Jokes aside, Lies of P is coming to Xbox Game Pass, so if you're already subscribing to that service, it's probably worth waiting.