Linksys Has a New Router Designed to Speed Up Your Xbox One

If you’ve ever been on the verge of bashing your Xbox One or your router due to a spotty [...]

Linksys Xbox One Router

If you've ever been on the verge of bashing your Xbox One or your router due to a spotty connection, Linksys has a new device that's perfect for you.

The WRT32XB is a router from Linksys specifically designed to improve your connection when using an Xbox One. While you're connecting all of your devices, the new Linksys router will automatically detect when you have an Xbox One connected to the network. After locating the Xbox One, it'll put the console on the fast-track for the best connection as it prioritizes your gaming needs above other devices. Linksys says that doing so should reduce ping times by quite a bit for those using the Xbox device with up to a 65 percent reduction at times.

Designing a router for use with the Xbox One might seem like quite the niche gap to fill, but you consider users with devices that demand the best Internet connection, gamers definitely come to mind. While you can finagle your router to play nicer with your devices no matter what console you're using, the WRT32XB will make sure that players have a much easier time gaming without having to optimize everything to their specifications.

After getting passed all of the features that are specific to the Xbox One, the router isn't too different from the original device, the WRT32X. If you're an owner of the original device but have an Xbox One, you'll also be able to take advantage of the tech that the new router utilizes. The "Killer Prioritization Engine" that the original device uses will receive an upgrade soon thanks to a software update that'll come later this year. The update will extend the gaming priority that the KPE offers to all any gaming device that you own regardless of what you're using.

The WRT32XB is scheduled to be released in February for $299.99.

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