Lion Forge to Publish New Magazine That Combines Comics With Tabletop Gaming

rolled and told

Lion Forge is starting its own "Quillion" game imprint, which will be spearheaded by a new publication that blends comics with tabletop RPGs.

The St. Louis based published announced that its new publication Rolled & Told will feature both RPG-themed comics and ready to play adventures for popular tabletop games. Each issue will feature at least one pre-written adventure, with a comic tie-in showing some of the madcap shenanigans parties could find themselves in if they take that particular story hook.

Rolled & Told is marketed as more than just a periodical. Lion Forge hopes that the new publication will serve as a natural gateway between the already adjacent comics and tabletop RPG spaces. Not only do many comics fans love RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons (and vice versa), both comics and RPGs are unique storytelling mediums with limitless possibilities.

“For me, Rolled & Told is the best thing I never knew I was missing until I saw it put together in all its magnificent glory," said Lion Forge lead game designer E.L. Thomas in a press release announcing the new series. "It feels both familiar and groundbreaking at the same time... For an old-school game master like myself, it’s a privilege to work with such talented people and an honor to be part of what is surely going to be a staple on many a game table for years to come."


Lion Forge will release a #0 issue at San Diego Comic-Con in July, which will feature the "Thunderlock Barcrawl," a unique adventure that's part proving ground and part extreme sporting event. The mini-dungeon is set in the basement of a bar, which should give D&D fans flashbacks to the Yawning Portal Inn, a tavern that doubles as the home to one of the Undermountain's entrances. Those who pass the Thunderlock Barcrawl will have their picture added to the illustrious "Wall of Crawlers" - a fitting trophy for those who survive the challenge.

The first full issue of Rolled & Told will be released in September.