Logan Paul Makes Table Out of Game Boy Colors and People Are Mad

Logan Paul is at the center of controversy once again, this time for destroying 15 Game Boy Colors as part of a home craft project. Earlier this week, the social media personality and amateur boxer posted a video in which he crafted a tabletop made of see-thru epoxy resin. Embedded in the resin are 15 Game Boy Colors with various color schemes and faceplate designs, which fit in with a Poke Ball themed metal trim. The video in which Paul makes the tabletop can be seen below: 

While this seems like a simple craft project, Paul has drawn the ire of the Internet once again. It seems that a sizable group have taken offense to Paul's use of Game Boy Colors in the project. These retro game consoles sell for about $70 online through secondary sellers on eBay and other games stores, and Paul's project includes several limited edition consoles. It's unclear whether these particular Game Boy Colors actually worked, but some Internet fans have taken Paul to task for destroying the consoles for the sake of what they see as another cry for attention. One such critic was Bob Wulff, a well-known retro gamer, whose comments can be seen below. Since posting the video, Paul has started to trend on Twitter, with the majority of the comments being negative. 

Regardless as to whether the Game Boy Colors were functional, the fact remains that the epoxy resin ensures that the devices are functionally destroyed, as they can't be removed from the resin without being harmed. Preservationists note that sealing something in resin is hardly an appropriate way to store or display a piece of history.

This is far from the first time that Paul has upset a corner of the Internet thanks to one of his videos. Many Pokemon card fans have spoken about Paul with contempt due to his role in the increased market for vintage Pokemon cards, several of which are now selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. At one point, Paul wore a Charizard card to the ring before a boxing match, which also led to some criticism.  

Since this is Logan Paul, everyone is sure to have an opinion on his latest project. Let us know what you think in the comment section.