Long Beach Comic Con 2018 Guest List and Program Schedule Revealed

Long Beach Comic Con is upon us! The 10th 'edition' of this massive celebration will once again be [...]

Long Beach Comic Con is upon us! The 10th "edition" of this massive celebration will once again be coming to sunny Long Beach, CA on September 8 and September 9. Fans of all things comics, science, and tech will be hitting the Long Beach Convention Center to attend star-studded panels, learn about their favorite publishers and franchises, and of course, check out the world-class cosplay! Tickets are still available.

LBCC has been going strong for almost a decade, and there's a reason why fans come back every year. This convention remains laser-focused on comics culture, leaving behind all unnecessary pomp and superficiality so that fans and attendees can connect to the community and creative minds that drive the world's most popular stories and franchises.

"Long Beach is devoted to having a 'comics-first' philosophy," says Ivan Cohen, Long Beach's Director of Programming, "and this year we've tried to extend that approach to every level of fandom: if you've been a fan for thirty years or thirty days, we've got creators and panels for you."

This year we were promised an extraordinary affair, and LBCC is delivering. Practically the entire Twin Peaks cast will be represented at the show, including Ray Wise (Leland Palmer), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy), Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy), James Marshall (James Hurley), and Chrysta Bell (Agent Tammy). A one-of-a-kind panel, "Twin Peaks: Got a Light?" will allow fans a rare chance to talk to some of their favorite cast members.

Game of Thrones' Kristian Nairn (Hodor) will be showing up for a very special Q&A, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman will make an appearance on Sunday. Of course, you'll find fascinating panels about your favorite comics from DC Comics, Valiant, AfterShock, Aspen, and more.

Here's a rundown of all of the celebrities and special guests you can expect to see at LBCC 2018:

LBCC Guest List1
LBCC Guest List2
LBCC Guest List3
LBCC Guest List4
LBCC Guest List5

Something very special is happening this year at LBCC. Columbia Memorial Space Center will be joining the party as LBCC hosts Space Expo 2018. A con within a con, Space Expo 2018 will bring together fans of space, tech, and comics for some world-class programming that you won't find anywhere else. Literal rocket scientists, engineers, and professors will delight and inspire attendees young and old. Take a look at these freaking panels. With titles like "The Science of Black Panther's Baadasssss Arsenal," "The Science of the Acme Product Catalogue," and "Battlestar Galactica: There Are STILL Those Who Believe," you know you're in for something wholly unique.

Space Con will be a great place for younger attendees to see real-life geniuses and inventors who work with amazing tech that borders on the sci-fi. They'll see that real people actually work on and research the types of tech they see in the movies; they'll see that real people actually are exploring the stars and new planets.

"The overlap between comics fans and lovers of science has been huge since the earliest days of superheroes," says Cohen, "and this year's Expo speaks directly to those shared interests. Whether the science enthusiast in the group is mom, dad, or the kids, the whole family will get a lot out of the Expo's exhibits and programming."

Take a look at the full LBCC program schedule below. Here's how everything is shaping up for Saturday, September 8:

Saturday Schedule_LBCC2018

And here's the schedule for Sunday, September 9:

Sunday Schedule_LBCC2018

You can find a show floor map and even more details about LBCC 2018 on the official site here. We only have a couple of weeks left to wait. We'll see you on the floor!