Lost Ark Roadmap Reveals New Classes

Smilegate RPG released Lost Ark's roadmap for April and May this week with two new classes now revealed by it. Those classes that'll be added to the game are the Glaivier and the Destroyer, the first being an advanced Martial Artist class releasing in April and the second an advanced Warrior coming in May. More new features and additions were teased alongside these, too, such as a new continent, more raids, and other plans that may or may not work out within this roadmap's timeframe.

The reveal of these new classes was a given following Smilegate's tease from last week that we'd see them in the roadmap, and now, we've gotten a better look at what each of them can do. The Glaivier, for example, uses both a spear and a glaive which correspond to unique stances and skill sets used to weave between the pair of weapons.

"The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets which can be swapped between— Focus and Flurry— with each stance and skill set represented by one of her two weapons," Smilegate said about the Glaivier class. "The shorter spear is used to unleash a furious barrage in the Flurry stance, while the longer glaive harnesses Focus stance for gracefully lethal strikes and sweeping attacks. While certain builds may focus your attention onto one of these weapons, an effective Glaivier can maximize their potential by creating balance between the two stances, building up energy in one stance which grants an impactful stat-boost when swapping to the other."

While the Glaivier class sounds like it'll take a bit of finesse to properly utilize, the Destroyer appears to have a bit more straightforward playstyle.

"We've talked about the cataclysmic impact that Warriors have on the battlefield, but nothing embodies this better than the hammer-wielding Destroyer," Smilegate continued. "Armed with a variety of skills centered around charging into the heart of the fray, their hammer attacks are so catastrophically crushing that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them."


That's all that's been said about the classes for now, so we'll have to wait until later in this month and then in May to see more of these new roles. Until then, you can check out the rest of the roadmap here.