Ludwig vs Adin Ross Feud Ends on a Surprising Note

Ludwig "Ludwig" Ahgren is one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world and Adin Ross is rapidly making the same claim, and both have been locked in a feud with each other. The drama began when Ludwig, Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris, and Nick "Nmplol" Polom took a shot at Adin Ross and Twitch viewers during a recent stream. At the time, Sodapoppin noted he had no clue where Adin Ross and his recent rise came from, while Ludwig claimed Ross had a lot of connections in LA and attracted a different type of viewership compared to the group. The moment was eventually capped when Nmplol called Ross' viewers "the kids in high school who want to be cool.

As you would expect, this didn't sit well with Ross, who reacted to the clip above while streaming on Twitch.

"Don't disrespect my viewers like that," said Ross. "You guys have literally f*****g hall-of-fame nerds, hall-of-fame threats that spam in chat 'poggers' and 'omegalul' the entire stream bro. You guys are unfunny streamers. You guys are not funny bro. You guys are not funny at all. "Fat, pimple-faced, four-eyed people, with social problems, watch you, bro. And on top of all that

After seeing the clip above, Ludwig attempted to squash the drama via private DM, but Ross wasn't having it, and took the DM and shared it on Twitter. The tweet has since been deleted, but it showed that Ludwig noted he didn't want any bad blood and that it was "all love" from his end. Spilling the DM, Ross said, "L Nerd, go play your violin band geek."

At one point, it seemed like the drama -- which involved a few others -- was coming to an end, but nope. While addressing Ludwig and the comments, many believed Ross almost called Ludwig a homophobic slur. Reacting to this clip, Ludwig proceeded to call out Ross over the response.

“Dude, that’s crazy,” said Ludwig. “If I said you’re great at bringing rappers on, and that almost drove you to say a slur against gay people... that’s crazy. That’s nuts. That’s a low barrier of entry. It seems like he jumped the gun there a little bit.”


Thankfully, it seems the feud is finally over, or at least over, for now, thanks to FaZe Banks. Getting into a three-way chat with the pair, FaZe Banks defended Ross and pointed out there were some unwarranted shots taken. From here, the two explained their side of things before exchanging apologies. You can watch the interaction for yourself, below:

The feud between Ross and Ludwig caught the Twitch community by surprise, and just as many were surprised to see it come to an abrupt end with FaZe Banks playing the mediator. Of course, only time will tell if the beef will remain squashed.