Ludwig Reveals How Much Money He's Banked From Streaming

Streaming can be an extremely lucrative profession, but many of Twitch and YouTube's biggest stars are understandably hesitant to reveal exactly how much money they make. Ludwig Ahgren would seem to be an exception, as the YouTuber recently gave viewers a ballpark figure of how much he has in the bank. The question was posed during a viewer Q&A, and Ludwig told fans that he currently has between $1.5 and $2 million dollars. It's an incredibly impressive figure, and it should give fans an idea exactly how much the top streamers can make!

"I think it's fine to answer this. But I think in total I have like $1.5 to 2 million dollars with like the house mortgage and all that," Ludwig said during the stream.

That's an awesome amount of money, but Ludwig must have gotten some jeers from fans. Just a second after his statement, Ludwig replied with surprise over the way viewers reacted.

"Don't say 'that's it?'," said Ludwig. "That is not poor. This is a large sum of money to have. F**k you guys. I'm not poor, it's not low. It's a good chunk of change."

Streamer incomes are not revealed publicly by Twitch, but a data breach in October revealed that Ahgren had been paid $3.3 million by the company since August 2019. Ahgren confirmed the figure during a stream around that same time. The streamer made the switch to YouTube last month.

It's rare for anyone to find something that they're passionate about that brings in a significant income, and Ludwig has clearly found just that, as evidenced by his 31-day subathon for Twitch earlier this year. The streamer's popularity will likely continue to prove lucrative, so the amount he has in the bank should continue to grow. It's difficult to say whether he'll continue to be open about how much he has saved, so viewers will just have to wait and see!

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[H/T: Dexerto]