Luigi's Bulge Has the Internet Freaking Out

Mario Tennis Aces features some incredible new models and renders for all of our favorite Super Mario characters, but one new character model has captured the imaginations of fans everywhere. Some crotch-eyed gamers have noticed a new feature added to Luigi; a new detail that adds a layer of realism to his design, and that layer was added to his shorts:

luigi bulge
(Photo: Nintendo)

Yeah, if you look closely (but not too closely because that would be weird), it appears as though Luigi has a slight, shall we say, protrusion, forming around the front of his shorts. That's definitely a bulge. We have a bulge.

We weren't the only ones to notice it, either. Apparently this is a thing, and a topic of hot debate on social media. Some users are wondering why the bulge is there at all, while others are getting down to business, trying to figure out exactly how big his member might be. Check it out:

The internet hasn't been this riled up about video game character body parts since Mario's nipple-gate. I don't think it's out of line to suggest that this may end up being quite a bit more controversial. People don't like ding-dongs. Video game boobies come and go, but the moment you tease a wiener, people start losing their minds. The reactions have been (predictably) hilarious:


The internet is a weird place, y'all. What do you think about Luigi's bump? At first I was convinced that it was just a shadow, but now that I've done a few double-takes, I'm thinking it may be legit.