Madden NFL 20 Closed Beta Starts Next Week

With the first look at Madden NFL 20’s gameplay and new features revealed on Saturday during EA [...]

With the first look at Madden NFL 20's gameplay and new features revealed on Saturday during EA Play, those attending the event are able to try out the game for the first time before it releases on August 2nd. For those who couldn't be there or those who just want to try it again now that EA Play's main events have come to a close, there will be a closed beta taking place next week. It starts on June 14th and ends on June 16th, and two different game modes will be available for the duration with four playable NFL teams to pick from.

The EA Play stream culminated in the gameplay reveal and the trailer above that showed cover athlete Patrick Mahomes telling his story. Madden NFL 20's closed beta capped the game's time at the show with a post going live on EA's help site to explain how people can take part. Those attending EA Play will get the first dibs at the closed beta since they'll be getting codes there for the beta when it goes live, but everyone else can tune into EA's Madden NFL social channels on Twitter and Twitch for their chance at a code starting on June 10th.

Codes will also be shared on the Madden Ultimate Team subreddit. If none of those methods work out for you, there's always the chance that you'll get a code sent to the email associated with your EA account, and those who compete in the Madden Championship Series have a bonus chance at getting a code.

There are lots of opportunities to get into the beta, and assuming you're one of the ones who's picked to get in, you'll be able to play the Face of the Franchise: QB1 Campaign and Madden Ultimate Team game modes. The Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints are the four teams you'll be able to pick from.

For those who aren't fortunate enough to get into the beta, don't expect to see too much content from it shared on social media. There will inevitably be some who share gameplay footage on places like Twitter and Reddit, but it's not allowed and will result in beta access being revoked.

"By activating your code, you're also agreeing to refrain from capturing or streaming the game in any way," EA said about the beta. "Any content that is posted will be taken down and your access to the beta will be revoked immediately."

Madden NFL 20's closed beta will run from June 14-16.