Madden NFL 21 and Two More Xbox Games Are Free to Play This Weekend

Microsoft’s Free Play Days returned this weekend with three more Xbox One games available for [...]

Microsoft's Free Play Days returned this weekend with three more Xbox One games available for free this weekend. They aren't free to keep and are instead just free to play, but the offer still isn't a bad deal for Xbox users so long as they have either an Xbox Live Gold subscription or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The three free games are Madden NFL 21, Terraria, and Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, and they're all free to try from now until January 31st.

To get the free games for the weekend, all you have to do is search for them within the Xbox Store while signed into an account that has one of the appropriate memberships. You won't be able to keep them indefinitely, but any progress you make in the games will carry over to the full product if you decide to pick that up.

The good news for those who play on more platforms than just an Xbox is that Madden NFL 21's free-play period isn't restricted to only that family of consoles. As a tie-in with the NFL season, the free-play weekend has been extended to Xbox users as well as those on PlayStation consoles, PC users via Steam, and Google Stadia subscribers. You can find out everything you need to know about that free-trial period across the different platforms through EA's site.

If you are planning on buying Madden NFL 21, it's probably best to do so during the Free Play Days window. Free Play Days often come with discounts for the games available during the trial period, but not every game gets discounted each time. That's the case during this weekend with only Madden NFL 21 discounted at either 50% or 60% off depending on which version of the game you want.

You can find the discounted prices for Madden NFL 21 as well as the standard prices for the other two games listed below.

Xbox Free Play Days Discounts

  • Madden NFL 21
    • Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Edition at 50% off: $29.99
    • Superstar Edition at 60% off: $31.99
  • Terraria
    • Standard Edition: $19.99
  • Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker
    • Standard Edition: $59.99

Xbox's Free Play Days games for the weekend are available from now until January 31st.