Xbox Game Pass' Next Big Game Possibly Leaked

The next big game coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has possibly leaked. This week, Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate added a smattering of new games, including some Game of the Year winners. Next week, they are losing a popular RPG and seven other games. And this is the life of an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Some weeks, Microsoft adds new and notable games. Other weeks, some of the service's best games leave. However, recently, the games coming in have been more notable than the games going out. For example, while the service may be losing Final Fantasy 15 and some smaller games next week, it could gain Devil May Cry 5.

As you may remember, Devil May Cry 5 was once a part of the Xbox Game Pass library, but was eventually cycled out. Now, it's not often games leave then come back, but it looks like that's what may happen with the latest installment in the Capcom series.

Right now, Devil May Cry 5's return hasn't been confirmed, but as one Reddit user recently pointed out, there's reason to believe this may change soon. The evidence comes the way of xCloud, which right now lists Devil May Cry 5, despite Devil May Cry 5 not being available with the service. And this is notable because the last time this happened was with Code Vein, which came to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate not long after.

Now, does this 100 percent mean Devil May Cry 5 is coming to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate? No. There are other possible explanations in play, including that this is nothing more than an error. In other words, for now, take all of this speculation for what it is, which means take it with a grain of salt or two.


At the moment of publishing, no party implicated -- Capcom or Microsoft -- have commented on the situation. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided. In meantime, for more coverage on all things Xbox Game Pass and all things Xbox -- including all of the latest news, rumors, leaks, deals, and more -- click here.