Magic: Legends Enters Open Beta With New Launch Trailer

Magic: Legends has officially entered open beta, and Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating by [...]

Magic: Legends has officially entered open beta, and Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating by releasing a new cinematic launch trailer. The new free-to-play Magic: The Gathering-based action RPG from Cryptic Studios is available to download now via Arc Games and the Epic Games Store. Players take control of a powerful, spell-wielding Planeswalker as they adventure across five planes from the Magic Multiverse, collecting 175 spells and 170 pieces of equipment inspired by cards from the long-running trading card game. Magic: Legends launches out of beta on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 later this year. You can read our impressions of the game from a preview event here. You can watch the new launch trailer below.

Players will receive a few free bonuses depending on where they go for their download. Those who download Magic: Legends on Arc Games will receive the Gavony Vigilante Costume, plus the 'Bruiser' skin for the Ogre Mortar creature summon, two drop boosts, and two mission boosts. Until April 6 at 9 a.m. PT, Epic Games Store players can claim a free Moorland Ranger Costume, Moorland Ranger Werewolf Summon Skin, and two drop boosts.

"Once again Cryptic Studios has demonstrated their ability to bring a beloved franchise like Magic: The Gathering to life in a way that feels authentic to fans and welcoming to players new to the Magic Multiverse," said Yoon Im, CEO of Perfect World Entertainment, said in a press release. "As the first-ever action RPG based on Magic: The Gathering, Cryptic has created something really special with Magic: Legends. With this Open Beta period, we are excited to see how players experience the game and look forward to hearing their feedback."

"This is truly a historic moment for the team here at Cryptic Studios," said Stephen Ricossa, executive producer at Cryptic Studios. "Magic: Legends has come such a long way since we first pitched the idea to Wizards of the Coast back in 2016. The team has spent the last few years creating an action RPG experience unlike any other, which combines the power fantasy of becoming a Planeswalker with fast-paced combat tied to strategic deckbuilding. We're excited for players to take their first steps into the Multiverse today."

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Magic: Legends Open Beta is available to download now from the Epic Games Store and Arc.