Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Trailer Released

Magic: The Gathering today revealed the cinematic trailer for Kaldheim, the game's next set which [...]

Magic: The Gathering today revealed the cinematic trailer for Kaldheim, the game's next set which launches on Magic: The Gathering Arena on Thursday. The trailer shows Kaya, one of Magic's Planeswalkers, battling monsters in a wooded area. Meanwhile, Tibalt, a trickster Planeswalker, opens up a portal to lead the monsters somewhere new. You can watch the trailer for yourself below. Kaldheim is a set inspired by Vikings and Norse mythology. The set introduces two new mechanics to Magic: The Gathering, Foretell and Boast. It also brings back past mechanics like modal double-faced cards, snow, and changelings. You see previews from the set here.

Kaldheim is the first set on Magic's 2021 release slate. It takes place on a new plane in the Magic multiverse, one with 10 worlds connect by a World Tree, all of them facing an impending apocalyptic event. Kaldheim is home to elves, dwarves, valkyrie angels, changelings, giants, and Viking-like human berserkers. The set's story sees the planeswalker Kaya visiting the plane as the gods of Kaldheim's realms travel between worlds to battle for control and influence. But the endless war may come to an end if someone figures out a way to bind their power into a single, powerful weapon.

As befits a Norse mythology set, Kaldheim brings back Sagas, Enchantment cards with multiple one-time effects that trigger over the course of several turns. The set also uses modal double-faced cards like those seen in Zendikar Rising, including a set of modal double-faced lands to complement those introduced in that previous set. Changelings are a returning creature type, and they once again have shapeshifting abilities.

To lean into the "metal" aesthetic of a set based on Norse sagas, Wizards of the Coast enlisted several popular heavy metal bands to preview cards from the set. Participating bands included Mastodon, Angra, Torche, Smoulder, Rhapsody of Fire, Oceans of Slumber, and Amon Amarth.

Kaldheim comes to Magic: The Gathering Arena tomorrow. Here are the significant dates of the Kaldheim roll out:

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena Launch – January 28th
  • Magic: The Gathering Online Launch – January 28th
  • Prerelease – Starts January 29th
  • Available everywhere – February 5th

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