Mario Kart 8 Modder Gives Kirby A Chance To Gobble Up The Competition

For a long time the Mario Kart series was strictly a Mushroom Kingdom affair, but the most recent entry in the series has opened the series up to The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon characters. And hey, if you’re playing the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 on PC via an emulator, there are even more crazy characters available!

A clever modder recently added Sonic the Hedgehog to Mario Kart 8, and now that adorable, ever-ravenous pink puff Kirby is joining the race! You can check out YouTuber Reyes Rosas putting the everybody’s favorite ghost…cloud…um, thing through his paces, above!

This Kirby mod is actually a lot more advanced than the Sonic one, as Kirby has his own lines, detailed animations, and his little star car even spins around when he does a trick! In terms of handling, the Kirby skin replaces Koopa Troopa and the BiddyBuggy cart. It would be even better if Kirby could devour his fellow racers, but still, a fairly impressive mod. If you have the technical knowhow, you can grab the Kirby Mario Kart 8 mod, right there.

Could Kirby eventually find his way into a Mario Kart game for real? Honestly, I’m kind of shocked he hasn’t already! He’d make a pretty obvious addition, and Kirby has plenty of racing experience – remember Kirby Air Ride? I’ve always maintained that was a super-underrated game. I suppose Kirby’s star just doesn’t shine as bright as it once did, but come on, if a random Animal Crossing villager can do some Mario Karting, Kirby can too!

The revamped Mario Kart 8 Deluxe recently hit the Nintendo Switch. You can check out our full review, right here.

[via Nintendo Everything]