Marvel Studios Releases New Trailer for Avengers: Damage Control

Marvel and ILMxLAB released another trailer this week for the new virtual reality experience called Avengers: Damage Control. Following the first trailer that introduced everyone to the VR trip into Marvel's world, this latest trailer sheds more light on the story. Those who experience Damage Control will be able to put themselves in the shoes of a hero wearing Iron Man-like armor powered by Wakandan technology as they help Shuri take on Ultron.

The new trailer can be seen above and is the first full-length trailer released by Marvel Studios and the VR experts at ILMxLAB. It follows the teaser trailer which was released a week ago today when Marvel first announced the experience during New York Comic-Con.

While the first teaser trailer showed only Shuri speaking to the player and explaining to them what their mission will consist of, this latest trailer showed off more of the Marvel characters you'll encounter in the VR experience. War Machine, Wasp, Hulk, Spider-Man, and more characters make their first appearance in this full story trailer, though there are likely more characters from Marvel's universe who will be in the experience as well.

"Shuri has recruited your team to test a powerful new prototype design combining Wakandan and Stark technologies," a plot description said. "When an enemy from the past seeks to steal the technology, you'll fight alongside some of your favorite Avengers like Doctor Strange, Wasp, Ant-Man and more to stop the attack before they unleash an oppressive new age upon the world."

Unlike Marvel's new game called Marvel's Iron Man VR, experiencing Damage Control won't be as easy as just buying a game and playing it. This VR experience is only going to be found at The Void locations where different VR experiences are found to create a more immersive experience than you could get with a home setup. Features such as physical effects including wind and heat will be used in Damage Control to simulate the things people will experience through their VR lens. If you want to try and experience Damage Control for yourself, you scan see if it's coming to one of The Void's locations near you.


Avengers: Damage Control releases at The Void in select locations starting on October 18th.