Marvel Champions Announces Phoenix Hero Pack With Unique Dark Phoenix Mechanic

Marvel Champions is introducing both Phoenix and her dark alter-ego in an upcoming Hero Pack. Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games revealed new details about its upcoming Phoenix Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. As with other Hero Packs, Phoenix will come with a pre-built Hero Pack that will allow players to dive right into a game of Marvel Champions. However, while other Hero Packs comes with a Nemesis that can be selectively added to scenarios when certain cards enter play, Phoenix's Nemesis is her dark alter-ego Dark Phoenix and comes into play whenever she expends too much of her impressive power. 

Jean Grey's deck is built around managing the Phoenix Force. At the outset of the game, the Phoenix Force is considered restrained and comes with a pool of 4 counters that can be used as resources. When the Phoenix Force runs out of counters, it becomes "Unleashed" and causes Phoenix's Attack and Thwart to switch places. While that turns Phoenix into much more of a powerhouse, it also runs the risk of activating Phoenix's Obligation card, which causes both Dark Phoenix and her side scheme Consume the World to hit the table. Dark Phoenix is basically a second super villain and if she gets 12 Threat on Consume the World, the players automatically lose. 

Luckily, Phoenix has some impressive cards and abilities, including a "Rise From the Ashes" card that prevents her from getting knocked out of the game. She can also take control of minions and turn them into allies, while her Telekinetic Shield can block an ally from taking damage. 

The Phoenix Hero Deck for Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be released later this fall alongside multiple X-Men themed decks and campaigns. A full-fledged campaign that includes Shadowcat and Colossus as heroes will be released in October, while Cyclops and two other unnamed X-Men Hero Decks will be released in the coming months.