Marvel Champions Reveals Thor Hero Pack

Fantasy Flight's Marvel Champions is already in rotation on tabletops everywhere, but the fun isn't stopping with the core set, and the team has given fans a look at the newest Avenger to join the fray. That would be the God of Thunder himself Thor, who will be getting his own Hero Pack for Champions in March of next year. Thor is perfect for players who like to play aggressively, and he's made to overpower minions with combo of hard-hitting attacks and skilled allies, including Hercules and Valkyrie. As you might expect, his trusty hammer Mjolnir is also a big part of his gameplay and gives him additional skills in battle if you can equip him with certain upgrades.

He's pretty powerful on his own though to be honest, as his hero ability allows him to respond to engaging with a minion by drawing 2 cards (once per phase). If you pair him with Mjolnir's upgrade you can also add the Aerial trait to the mix as well as an attack boost, and that will only heighten the abilities of cards like Hammer Throw.

If you need to recover though, you can switch over to his alter-ego Odinson, which allows him to recover 4 health of his total 14 HP. Not only that, but the Alter-Ego ability allows you to find the Mjolnir upgrade in the discard pile and add it directly to your hand, so if you've already used it and had to get rid of it, you aren't out of luck. Odinson also increases your hand size by 1 (5 total), though you will need to pair it down to 4 if you change back into Thor.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

Every hero in Marvel Champions needs a Nemesis, and for Thor, it's none other than Loki, the God of Mischief. One of the Loki minion cards comes with an interrupt ability that allows him a second chance at life. When he's about to be defeated you must draw a card from the encounter deck, and if it's a treachery card, you get to heal all of his damage instead.

There's also an Obligation for Thor called Odin's Anger, and to get rid of it you'll need to either exhaust Odinson or discard Mjolnir, but if you do the latter at least you know you can get it back with Odinson's handy ability.

(Photo: Fantasy Flight)

You'll also get some new general cards including Teamwork, which allows you to use allies in battle without damaging them, a welcome ability for those who like to stay in hero mode more than alter-ego mode.

You can check out the Thor Hero Pack in the images above, and the set will hit game stores next March.


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