Marvel: Crisis Protocol Announces Black Panther and Killmonger Character Pack Release Date

Marvel: Crisis Protocol's next character pack will be released next week. Atomic Mass Games [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol's next character pack will be released next week. Atomic Mass Games announced that the Black Panther and Killmonger character pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol will be available beginning on December 13th. The two figure character pack will contain unpainted, unassembled miniatures of Black Panther and Killmonger that can be added to any Marvel: Crisis Protocol game. The pack also contains a new Crisis Card: Rare Wakandan Herbs: Fact or Fiction?, which sets up a scenario in which players battle over the Wakandan herbs that gives Black Panther his powers, and three new Team Tactics cards.

Both Black Panther and Killmonger have Threat Levels of 4 and have unique and powerful abilities. Black Panther can manipulate the battlefield by automatically pushing away enemies as he attacks, and can use his Kinetic Strike to potentially deal a ton of damage while automatically pushing away and dealing 1 damage to all nearby characters. Black Panther's Vibranium Armor also allows him to add all blanks to his defense rolls, meaning that he's extra hard to daze. Plus, all Wakandan characters close to Black Panther can choose to re-roll one dice when they're close to him at the cost of 1 Power.

Meanwhile, Killmonger is a straight-up killer, with the ability to negate one defense dice with his Vibranium weapons and cause targets to become staggered when he uses his Black Ops Strike. Plus, Killmonger can use his charge attack to move and attack as a single action, and has the ability to add extra attack dice if he attacks twice on one turn. Killmonger also has a special Battle Tactic card called "Usurp the Throne" that adds even more attack dice to his attacks when targeting the highest Threat Value enemy character and scores Victory Points if that enemy character is dazed or knocked out. This marks the first time that any character can earn Victory Points outside of achieving objectives in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which makes Killmonger that much more valuable.

Black Panther & Killmonger might be Marvel: Crisis Protocol's strongest pair of characters yet. You can purchase the Black Panther and Killmonger Character Pack from hobby retailers next week for $39.95.