Marvel: Crisis Protocol Announces Omega Red Character Pack

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will introduce the dangerous Russian mutant Omega Red in an upcoming [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol will introduce the dangerous Russian mutant Omega Red in an upcoming expansion. Atomic Mass Games announced that it would release the Omega Red Character Pack over the summer, continuing its line of X-Men related mutants. This is a rare standalone Character Pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, a miniatures skirmish game in which teams of Marvel heroes and villains battle using their superpowers. In addition to the Omega Red miniature, base, and character card, the Character Pack will also include 3 Team Tactic cards and 11 tokens for use in gameplay. As of now, it's unclear whether Omega Red will be added to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants' affiliation roster, or if he'll be the rare "unaffiliated" character in the game.

Omega Red seems like an unusual choice for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which has steadily grown its roster of X-Men heroes and villains over the last 8 or so months. However, the game's X-Men line is heavily inspired by the 1990s era of comics, with many of the characters donning more classic costumes instead of more contemporary fare. Given that Omega Red was one of the major mutant villains established during John Byrne and Jim Lee's iconic run on the X-Men series, his inclusion in Marvel: Crisis Protocol makes a lot more sense. The game's other X-Men villains include Magneto, Toad, Sabretooth, and Mister Sinister. Cassandra Nova (from Grant Morrison's New X-Men run) will be introduced in a future release alongside Jean Grey. Juggernaut has also been announced as an upcoming miniature, although no formal release has been announced.

Omega Red was first revealed earlier this year during Atomic Mass Game's "Mini-Stravaganza," a streaming event that showed off upcoming products from Marvel: Crisis Protocol, Star Wars: Legion, and X-Wing. Atomic Mass Games also revealed that Blade would also be released in an upcoming Character Pack.

June is a big month for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, as the game will release a total of 12 miniatures for sale in the United States. Character Packs include the long-awaited Deadpool figure, as well as Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Marvel: Crisis Protocol packs are available for sale at your local game store.