Marvel: Crisis Protocol Previews Vision

Marvel: Crisis Protocol gave fans a first look at Vision, which should be a powerful addition to any team. Earlier this week, Atomic Mass Games held a Twitch stream in which they played a Marvel: Crisis Protocol game using Vision. Vision will be released later this year in a Character Pack with the Winter Soldier. As part of the stream, Atomic Mass Games gave viewers a quick look at Vision's character card, giving us a peek at his attacks and superpowers. Vision is a powerful attacker that can selectively strengthen his defense stats and can pierce through his target's defenses using one of several abilities.

Vision is one of the first Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures that doesn't have a standard Strike attack. Instead, Vision's base attack is a Solar Energy Beam attack that can hit multiple targets and saps power with every Wild rolled and transfers it to Vision. This is a great way for Vision to generate energy, powering him up for his Synthezoid Avenger attack, which has an Attack roll of 7 dice and negates all critical dice rolled by a defender. That effectively nerfs most defensives, giving Vision the ability to do a ton of damage on a single roll.


While Vision has relatively low base defenses, his Phasing superpower allows him to add 3 defense either his Physical defense or his Energy defense. Vision can also shift from one Phasing Type to another with his reactive Phasing Type ability, meaning that he can switch over his boosted Defense rolls whenever he's targeted with an attack.

Vision looks to be a powerful addition to Marvel: Crisis Protocol and might be the strongest attacker in the game. Vision's ability to generate consistent Power and deal a lot of damage makes him a good addition to any team, and he should become a consistent part of any team. Expect to see Vision released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol later this year.